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We have several active clubs.

The first part of achieving this goal is to identify and acknowledge the various clubs. - February 2022

Please see below the clubs of The Bahamas Golf Federation which are in good standing as of February 2022. This list shows clubs who have membership options and are charged annual fees to maintain either their handicap systems or provide tournament software for the benefit of their members. Golf courses which are not listed are ones which do not offer membership, but are simply open to any guest.

  • Albany Golf Club
  • Bakers Bay
  • Grand Bahama Men’s Association
  • Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy
  • Lyford Cay Golf Club
  • Palmdale Club
  • Poopdeck Eagles
  • The Abaco Club at Winding Bay
  • The Ocean Club Golf Course
  • Women Who Play Golf 242

Other clubs which do not offer membership are:

  • Fortune Hills Golf Club
  • Royal Blue Golf Club at Baha Mar
  • The Reef Golf Club

The contact information for each club will be updated shortly.

The second step will be to establish the general requirements for remaining an active club of the federation. - February 2022


Local clubs are the backbone of The Bahamas Golf Federation. It is through the programming of local clubs that The Bahamas Golf Federation promotes the growth of the game. Local clubs need not have a major agenda of activities, but each activity is important, each has a positive impact on the way in which golfers grow to become lifelong golfers. Local clubs of The Bahamas Golf Federation may be established and maintained by completing the application and following the guidelines stated below. 


Applications to establish new clubs are received by the federation and are reviewed by the current board. The Board reviews the application and other materials submitted by the local clubs to verify compliance with eligibility criteria.  When it has been determined that the criteria have been met, members of the Board review and vote on new club applications throughout the year. The BGF then notifies the club of the approval and issues a local charter to the new club.


After the Board has approved a club’s membership application, local clubs pay a one-time application fee of $150 at the time application.  No further annual or periodic fees, assessments, or membership dues are charged to clubs.


In order for the local club to remain in good standing, the club must submit its Annual Data Report.  The BGF uses this information to verify that the number of golfers in the club is either remaining consistent or growing.  Moreover, each club is strongly advised to submit an annual report minus financial details.  This annual report allows the local club to share with the BGF any noteworthy activities. Finally, you are able to apply for a club grant by submitting your annual report.


Clubs will be deemed inactive if either of the following has happened:

* Two years without submitting an annual report

* One year without inducting new members

After a chapter becomes inactive, the BGF board will attempt to contact and reengage the club.  Periods of inactivity are likely to happen, and so no club charter will ever be rescinded due to inactivity.  However, while inactive, a club may not participate in club specific activities or opportunities.

To reactivate a chapter, a chapter should induct students.  The BGF will also request the name of the club advisor and may request additional information about the club before students can be inducted again.